Ride On Scrubber Dryer ET75 – N1

Mesin Scrubber Ride On dengan lebar Sueegee 95 cm memiliki Turning Cicle yang baik dan 50% lebih cepat dari Scrubber dorong.

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Product category: Rechargeable
Location operator: with seat
Performance area: 4500 m2/h
Type of brushes: disc
Working width: 750 mm
The battery voltage: 24 V
Battery capacity: 330 Ah
Minimum operating time: 5 h
Power Consumption: 2450 W
Tank capacity fresh water: 110 L
The volume of the tank for dirty water: 120 L
The width of the cleaning brush: 750 mm
Vacuum cleaning width: 870 mm
Number of brushes: 2 pcs
Brush contact pressure: 45 g/cm2
Maximum speed: 6 km/h
The maximum operating angle of climb: 10 %
Weight without batteries: 185 kg